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The Jinjiang Pacific Hotel Shanghai (Shanghai Jinmen Dajiudian),founded in 1926,is located on one of the most popular and bustling streets of Shanghai,  Nanjing Road pedestrian street,  and faces People's Square. The entrance of metro line 1,2 and 8 are also within easy reach. The metro can take guests straight to Hongqiao and Pudong International Airport,and also offer easy access to the network of metro lines that cover the vast city.[View Detail]

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  • rodmane
  • florius
    Good good
  • Frogrunrun
    Decoration very 30 's of the last century the old Shanghai feel, especially the Hall! travel convenience, about ten minutes to walk to the Bund!
  • savebox
    Very good location, go out the subway, convenience. the hotel a sense of history, inadequate housing inside some old qualities. General performance was good, suitable for family travel, recommended.
  • Jabary
    Don't come with baggage, and elevator on the second floor, the other is the hotel is too old, service is not warm, hot water takes about 15 minutes to the hotel, no bathrobe, the waiter will not take the initiative to clean the room and too lazy, in short, if you don't care about service cares for lots of choices here, after all, location is good
  • bb4050
    Lots very convenient, next is Metro, location is good, in Nanjing Road, to Bund are compared of near. hotel is old of, decoration compared of classical, is elegant, make in the take static, room is clean, layout of also is warm, compared with grade hotel, price is high. waiter is enthusiasm, has is second times to has, also with has several friends with, are is satisfaction, next also will staying. Hotel behind snacks hotel also many, like traffic convenient of on recommended.
  • pinger
    Which is very nice
  • Rejoice
    Nice, next to the new world, clothing, everything.
  • aaa can dream
    Hotel is very good, next time comes
  • NO.43
    Ndjdhshbdbdbdkei good good good to the financial Street
  • jinning
    Travel well next time to go or living there
  • MoggieYo
    Nice hotel, good surrounding environment, commercial Street, convenient
  • benliu007
    That's good
  • e04465745
    Good, clean, retro furniture. toilet facilities poor, but the traffic is very convenient, well, staying low, next time I hope high-rise living.
  • julia0225
    Accommodation in hotels.
  • amber19860406
    Very good, worth
  • isaacliu
    Recommendation of a friend, really cost-effective! key attractions and convenient!
  • laiyl
    Very good hotel, very happy, no people say those problems, the environment and sound insulation of the room is no problem, next election here.
  • sxtyli
    Hotels in older, outdated facilities, location very good, relative location of Shanghai price, it is reasonable to, go out from the pedestrian street is very convenient, the rooms are very spacious, good, continue to select.
  • cadysummer
    Old hotel, the price is a lot reasons, anyway, nothing special, no surprise, nor slots
  • ellis12
    Hotel lobby environment can also, entered the room, I'm sorry the price
  • Aireddie
    Good environment, good service
  • wjd1272
    Good location, the door is the Bund, room too!
  • puppy10
    Hotel location, hotel facilities old. hotel swimming pool is OK, clean water. Services. is parking not convenient. buffet breakfast variety but also strengthened.
  • e00109657
    Convenient. no bath robe and some travel facilities
  • xxycucn
    Good location, very close to the Nanjing Road pedestrian street, is parking not convenient. environmental, health, and good service. room is not small, in this cuntucunjin place.
  • jia0553
    Very good location, service not so good.
  • gaojjjj
    Opposite the hotel is located in the people's Park, close to Nanjing Road pedestrian street is very convenient, is the room is too small.
  • nanan_li
    The aging hardware facilities of the room, it should not be that price.
  • fffms
    Often choose to live the Golden Gate traffic dining and shopping facilities.
  • jinlingguo
    Location excellent, I come back from Southeast Asia, to hair done next door, so the location is convenient, and then go to memory before the Nanjing Road is also very convenient, food shops, looking for the taste of childhood, memories are mood back gammon, memories of childhood is the taste, that felt so good.
  • e02495550
    Hotel location is very good, and a sense of history. particularly liked the restaurant and coffee shop, Italian decoration very tasty ... the only thing that doesn't have its own parking lot
  • cc2011
    That's good
  • galengan
    Deposit door maximum reasons is breakfast has delicious of porridge, more than 10 years Qian live had, know breakfast can. for health guest for, morning a bowl good porridge is one days best of began, or all day are was does not apply. Although earlier varieties not many, but Cook method health, now through of white porridge and millet gruel palatability raised stomach, white Cook of Shi vegetable as Yam taro quite Xin dependants. as not for this breakfast, single from location and hardware for, on set close to of Li Sheng has. room most let people surprise of excellentPoints is noise super good. window full close Hou, outside huge of sing k sound trace not smell. window more, and Almighty open, conducive to ventilation. insufficient is health do have relative sloppy, hardware old itself also easy explicit dirty, toilet has added has intelligent cover upgrade grade, but toilet old itself rushed water not neat. carpet most effect overall impression, has guess not out initially of color, estimated original of selected color on bad care. with to now such, really than simply removed keep tiles or floor. Hou floor seems to notCarpet, next again live, prepared selected Hou floor. Word, relative this price, price is good, next also live, more than for porridge, also for it of time sense. son is like Kinmen, said 20 generation Kinmen around also are is small bungalow does, Li Sheng or million Howe or, again new again senior of Hotel at even shadow are no, money can buy to senior, but buy not to time!
  • libenyan
    Free upgrade of the room, with the price for cost-effective high. the hotel is history, the facility is old can understand, but the waiter is too old-school, no enthusiasm, a pair of faces, past 11 o'clock in the evening back to the hotel lobby was a waiter is gone!
  • bulardo
    A classical décor! the only sad place living room toilet was broken, always in the water, affecting sleep! repair while masters worked hard to repair a! but it couldn't fix! then cut off water! breakfast! like it! nothing! news is convenient! near the subway! where is very convenient
  • ao9527
    Good service attitude to popcorn, far to see me carrying my luggage and ran to help. goodness and kindness reception managers attitude also. happiest place in Shanghai ... location ... next time you stay here!
  • gaolesu
    The location, staff of enthusiastic guests. old facilities, in General.
  • BBB_999
    Read the reviews and choose the hotel, built in 1926, Italian customs indeed do not have a taste, the hotel location is not to say that, close to the Nanjing Road pedestrian street and Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, opposite the Metro, travel alone much easier, although the price is little expensive, but worth it.
  • SpaceForce
    To inform the reservation without either or more money to upgrade, is very depressed, not rooms that you proactively upgrade ... so just because your business is good customer. won't stay
  • jeffluo
    The wrong date, contact the hotel several times to see if they can help me reschedule or rebook a discount, they just don't want to hear. Book followed by the front desk a call and tell them I'll arrive, find me dates with the date set at the front desk not the same without saying what said this incident with the Sales Department, they said they had said anything at the front desk. Bad service!
  • James Yuan
    Old Shanghai style
  • dowmic
    Around transport facilities belong to the naozhongqujing hotel
  • Mandy on
    Good location, is on the Mall, Nanjing Road pedestrian street a few steps from the subway station are within walking
  • liupes
    Hotel location is very good, from the pedestrian street, very close to the Bund, next to the new world department store. hotel building is historical features, room too small, relatively old facilities. overall satisfaction.
  • cxd666768
    Hotel too old, lived not too comfortable, location good, other not very good
  • bjjyvip
    Grt Location , subway People's Square in front of the hotel
    Hotel location is very good, the traffic is very convenient. breakfast and reception are acceptable.
  • jolin900
    Hotel too old, arrange rooms like a dark room, next to the KTV, also make him sleep not? waiter many are very old, very snobbish, seen the enthusiasm of foreigners, because they were waiting to tip, silence, again for the second time.
  • afc123
    Transportation is convenient and the environment is good, recommended!