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The Jinjiang Pacific Hotel Shanghai (Shanghai Jinmen Dajiudian),founded in 1926,is located on one of the most popular and bustling streets of Shanghai,  Nanjing Road pedestrian street,  and faces People's Square. The entrance of metro line 1,2 and 8 are also within easy reach. The metro can take guests straight to Hongqiao and Pudong International Airport,and also offer easy access to the network of metro lines that cover the vast city.[View Detail]

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  • bbmeteor
    Hotel good location, opposite the station, close to the Nanjing Road pedestrian street, hotel room was a bit small, and overall is quite satisfactory. Praise
  • antisway
    Good location
  • jindianxin
    Waiter no smile; hotel health poor, room within wall body moldy, and moldy of taste is big; noise also is poor, even next door room open taps and refrigerator of started are clear of heard; more outrageous of is clearly set of is senior double people room, results to has standard double people room, in asked has waiter and total Taiwan Hou confirmed is standard double people room Hou only for has back, but also live has a night of standard double people room, hotel is not integrity, as a between history long of hotel, does-Reduction for Shanghai.
  • e00244729
    Good location, room was good
  • e01859273
    Location very good, old fashioned hotel, often
  • lily798
    Very good, worth the price!
  • yuean
    Room stinks, health, tipping, waiter with the luggage
  • cmdedx
    Wi-Fi is very bad, the special is not convenient
  • e02518433
    Decoration of the hotel is simple and the atmosphere very bourgeois atmosphere of Shanghai classical elegant rooms slightly smaller style perfect location
  • CITY91
    And we think it's great
  • e00058699
    Overseas Chinese hotel where my family lived, now also introduced foreign guests stay, because I am very satisfied with convenient traffic, near walking Street is a bustling commercial Street, shopping, snacks attractive. visitors also liked the Golden Gate Hotel.
  • LILY67
    Environment has improved, also found that restaurant cooks a bit of the Shanghai Youth pride
  • majing3333
    Very good location, front line is Line 2, hotel is an old building, seems to have felt, old facilities, sanitary conditions, service was good, this location so don't ask for too high a price
  • Aaroa
    10 o'clock in the morning more to of! told room clean to until two o'clock in the afternoon! added 100 has existing home, accept views Hou to room a see decisive don't! room small, bathroom are on implantation, and bathroom more small! later said added money also has better of! no again accept views! until one o'clock more only got room! but room really of not General of wet! mold taste is heavy! Kinmen live has down 10 times! feel worse! accommodation experience once than once! hope room can good renovation! Especially damp and the carpet!
  • larrylitiger
    Room facilities and sanitation, is acceptable.
  • wcp0812
    Hotel location is very good, just next to Nanjing Road, the old architecture is quite distinctive, just a whiff of perfume, very romantic. in 1920, this hotel.
  • fenyfeng
    Colleagues one night and confirmed by consultations continued at the front desk to change a little room and told guests not to leave the House the next day, and there is no solution, service is good
  • Fandy, Kyrgyzstan
    Good location, convenient
  • Alice_bj
    Great location, old Shanghai style, facilities for updating, reasonable price, is worth living.
    Never seen such a bad hotel
  • caoyang317
    Great location! style, but services need to be strengthened, to keep up with the market, so traditions are out!
  • june0610
    Environmental price 0k
  • annielinyang
    OK guest satisfaction
  • Etully
    Around environment is good, location good, traffic convenient! hotel service is General, sent luggage of staff to door half not go, estimated is wants to took tip, buy of is in Hou floor, front desk registration of when let added 100 can live main building! a into room found is in main building of back, Windows outside can saw of is garbage room, really of regret live here! price also and new world almost
  • ranf206
    Service is poor
  • Banana
    Hotel has a long history, location excellent, the traffic is very convenient, good environment, good service, and feel, and is located in the city centre, especially for tourism, had the opportunity to stay this hotel.
  • leblanc
    That's good
  • cc5214
    Pretty good!
  • ironfox
    Hotel is good.
  • nancydingtian
    If you can buy cheaper again, it is is that we will choose a hotel
  • nadinemuess
    Good location, close to the Nanjing Road pedestrian street, room was large, clean, but some old equipment. around the second day we want to tour, tours are concentrated near the door, is more convenient.
  • apple97
    Old hotel, convenient for going out, comfort was good.
  • Lovetayler
    After marrying scent in the air, smells good. traffic and travel very convenient hotel ... room was clean.
  • sissy117
    Overall good location, but the device into the old, there is air conditioning too noisy can't sleep
  • sgs9sm
    Location excellent and facilities but the antique old services are generally felt stiff
  • cy90u90
    Location great
  • fei_ye
    Very good location, renovated, main headlamps of the room opened, and buzzing
  • lemur
    Also good, after all, next time consider
  • Cnway
    Pacific Hotel good location on Nanjing East Road on the head, to the pedestrian street very convenient, hotel for some years, the facilities a bit old, but worth the price
  • ccaaoo
    Very good
  • DDLong
    Hotel location excellent, Damon is very nostalgic, lived on the old floor quiet. is next door to the new world, you can look at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, there is a good cheap $literal dinner
  • aimer
    Good location
  • calara06
    Hotel in excellent location in people's square Metro Line 2 line exit 8, just a 5-minute walk to Nanjing Road. front desk attitude in General, recommended to smile a little more service. breakfast time from 7 o'clock to 10 points, personal feeling too late, advised an early start from 6 or 6:30. President, value for money can also recommend staying
  • Miss Bea
    Good location, line by Line 2 under the people's square, Metro station, opposite to 8th, convenience, good hotel, just 700 Yuan a night stay without breakfast, not very user-friendly.
  • outliner
    Conveniently, the hotel lobby a sense of time, Gu Gu Xiang, through 30 Shanghai feelings. room amenities, is relatively old, but clean.
  • janewillows
    Hotel location is very good, but very old, should have a good renovation, carpet take off all bacteria, flooring will do just fine.
  • e00087766
    Nice old hotel in the center of Shanghai. The room facilities are a bit aged but everything works fine. Highly recommended if you are looking for a central location for a good price.
  • dcgndm
    Very nice location great easy
  • iamaladybird
    Hotels in the city center, location is good, old facilities, especially lift is very small, steep stairs. checkout computer crash at the front desk, almost delay my event and overall value for money as it used to, but it was OK.
    Retro like hotel décor, absolute good location, convenient, nearby places to eat, and will come to Shanghai again!